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I wanted to make this page for a lot of the things I get asked as soon as someone finds out I’m working at Disney. The International College Program website has some fantastic information, so check there too.

This list of questions will be updated once I actually get started on the program, and can become a guru of all things Disney, but the current list will serve to answer some of my most common questions I get now.


No. I am not going to Disneyland. I have never been to Disneyland, though maybe someday I’ll go. I don’t mind this question at all, but here’s the difference: Disneyland is in California, it was the original Disney park. Walt Disney World, where I will be working all summer, is in Florida. It was built years after Disneyland, and is much larger. Usually people who have never been to a Disney park ask this question, and I explain while feeling very sad about their depressing childhoods.

2. “How did you get a job at Disney?”

I plan on doing a full series of step by step posts about this, but here’s the short story. Disney runs a program specifically for international students in university. I found out about it when looking at how I could go work for Disney after I graduated, and happened to stumble across the ICP a week before the application deadline (born lucky). You apply online, have a phone interview, a face to face interview, and then, hopefully, a job offer. Like I said, I’ll explain this more fully in a later post. Disney is a massive employer that runs many programs, look into them to see which one is right for you.

3. “So what’s your job? Are you going to be a princess?”

Disney does not hire international people (yeah, that includes Canadians) to be face characters at the parks (as far as I know, but the ICP definitely does not). A face character is a princess, or Peter Pan, or Tinker Bell, or anyone else who gets to talk and show their face in costume. Fur characters are Mickey Mouse, Goofy, or Donald, or anyone else who wears a big head. If you’re very tall, or very short, you have a chance of being hired as a fur character, even with ICP.

My job right now, is about as vague as can be. I have been offered a job in “Operations.”

From the role check-list (when you apply, you are given a list of all possible roles, and operations can mean attractions or main gate)

Working in one of the following areas:

Working at one or more of the “rides” or theater shows
Loading and unloading Guests from an attraction
Operating sophisticated ride systems
Memorizing and delivering lengthy narrations to large groups
Working with FASTPASS ®, the ticketing system that distributes attraction ride times

Main Entrance Operations

Greeting all Guests who enter the park, operating turnstile areas
Selling various ticket media at our water parks, Downtown Disney®
or Disney’s Wide World of Sports® Complex
Strong knowledge of Walt Disney World Resort ticket media
Using computerized ticketing systems
Above role also includes:
Monitoring Guest flow and providing a safe Guest experience
Retrieving and arranging strollers
Assisting with audience control, including during parades

I’ll be thrilled to do either.

There are so many more FAQ’s I have to answer, but I will update the list as questions come up.

With love,