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I haven’t been able to access my internet since I arrived, so I’m currently using a friend’s. This is why I haven’t posted yet, so here’s an update!

My parents, love them like crazy.

My parents drove me to the Syracuse airport after a really delicious lunch at Denny’s on Sunday afternoon. It was definitely hard to say goodbye to them for the summer and go off on my own.

My mom and I

My flight was a good one, I flew Jetblue and it was very nice. I was anxious to fly, since I rarely ever do and it’s been years since the last time, but I got through security without issue and met up with a Canadian girl also on the program at the airport. This way we could find the shuttle to Vista Way together, which was nice.

I was one of the last people to arrive, which was unfortunate only because most people had already bought groceries. When I moved into my room, (in Vista Way!) none of my roommates were home for a couple of hours. This left me on my own, without internet (so no way to get in touch with others on the ICP), and too dark to go out and explore. At least this meant I did all of my unpacking right away, and eventually I met all of my roommates, there are three Americans, and three Canadians (myself included). The three Americans have been here since January, and finish their program in roughly a week. This means the Canadians (we all just started the program) will likely be getting new roommates by the end of this month. It seems like things are always busy here.

The first day of orientation was very cool. They gathered all people on the ICP, Canadians and U.K. students, put us in a room with some strobe lights, blasting music, and a smoke machine. Really, it’s unlike any other training I’ve had, in my past jobs usually I just have to sit in the back of a small room by myself and watch hours of safety DVDs. Disney just does things differently. Thinking back to it, all we really talked about were rules, but it was interesting to hear stories about why people had been terminated in the past, and everyone who runs our training is very friendly and energetic, which is fantastic.

Before orientation, I met up with a few girls so we wouldn’t have to go it alone. This makes all the difference. The people on the program are so friendly, but it’s nice going in and knowing you’ll have someone to talk to. I didn’t really know anyone coming into this experience other than people I met at the interviews, so I’m meeting people all of the time.

Day two of orientation was similar to the first day. We were bused over to the Commons (another housing complex) and sent in to fill out a bunch of forms. Here we also found out where we’re working this summer, and I’ll be working at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I am so excited, this was my first choice park to work at. I’m still not 100% sure what I’ll be doing, but I know it’s in attractions, which was also my first choice.

Disney has been so good to us so far, they’re very organized and so helpful. Between days one and two of orientation, I had the fantastic opportunity to take part in a housing event. You can click here if you want to read about it—it was so good.

Seriously missing all of my friends and family already, but I’m so thankful to be here. I hope everyone else is also having a wonderful summer, and I promise to keep updating the blog throughout this adventure.

With love,


P.S. On my first day, I also got my first sunburn of the summer. It’s a light one, but definitely there. Must remember than I am extremely pale and my mother will not be happy if I come home with a third-degree burn (again).