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Visited Epcot with these lovely ICP people.

Today was my first day of paid training, which is fantastic since rent is due weekly and it’s good to get some cash flowing.

If you don’t know, Traditions is the very important training that Disney employees go through. It focuses on the integrity goals of the company, why what we do is important, and how we keep guests safe. It was actually a lot of fun, I heard it would be boring, but our leaders were fantastic.

Oh, and I also got to walk underneath the Magic Kingdom.

It was amazing.

It’s pretty common knowledge that there are tunnels running under the Magic Kingdom so cast members can get to their work locations and pop up like magic, but few people get to actually go down and see how it all works. I was worried learning all about the inner workings of Disney might spoil some of the magic, but it just made me appreciate the company that much more. Unfortunately, these are some of the things I am not permitted to take pictures of, so you can just use your imaginations. Carleton U students, it’s a bit like our own system, except there are princesses walking around. Seriously, we followed Belle, Aurora and my girl Cinderella as they walked to work. Very, very cool.

Mickey Mouse himself came in to deliver our nametags. Disney, I’ve found, does a great job of making their guests feel welcomed, but I have also discovered that they are just as friendly and helpful to us new cast members. Everyone smiles, everyone says hello. It’s wonderful.

Just a highlight of my life, nbd.

Traditions is also where new cast members get their Disney IDs, which means WE CAN GO TO THE PARKS FOR FREE. Myself and two of my favourite people on ICP with me took advantage of this with a trip to Epcot. None of us are working there, so it was a nice way to kick off our program.

There were no lineups, the longest we ever waited was 15 minutes, but usually the wait was just however long it took to walk through the queue. We rode nearly everything, even Mission: SPACE twice with no wait.

The Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival is going on now, so we made sure to check it out.

They did an incredible job with all of the plants.

(Click here for pictures and details, it was on my bucket list!)

This meant a ton of gorgeous plants and some surprises. One of the best was Bambi’s Butterfly House.

Just adorable

This was a small enclosed area, with tons of flowers and beautiful butterflies flying all around us. Really, really beautiful.

We made sure to enjoy  the trip around the world at World Showcase. We split a pizza from a restaurant in Italy.

Such a nice place.

The restaurant normally requires reservations, but we were able to be seated almost right away, and the food was absolutely phenomenal.

Does not do justice to how good it tasted.

May is officially my favourite month to be here. There are so few people, so there is seating everywhere and you don’t have to push through people to get where you’re going. It isn’t too hot yet, even.

We were able to do everything we wanted in six hours—and that was incredible. Finished it off by watching Illuminations before waiting a long time to catch a bus back to Vista Way.

I’m having a wonderful time with lots of wonderful people. Missing everyone from home, and want you all to visit.

Check out my bucket list—I’ve crossed things off already!—and my new page, Wish You Were Here, you may even see a shout-out to yourself over there…

With so much love,