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Even if I didn’t enjoy my job, (which, so far, I really do) I don’t think I could take my time off for granted.

On my days off, I get to live in sunny (and thunderstorm-y) Orlando. On my days off, I get to meet new people every single day. On my days off, I get to go to Disney World– for free. (All of this, coincidentally, also happens on the days I work, too).

My mom is complaining that I haven’t blogged enough, and despite the fact that she very rudely made fun of my sexy work uniform today over Skype, here’s an update (and also an explanation on why I rarely get the chance to update here).

Adventures at Animal Kingdom with Sandra and Morgan

Animal Kingdom is beautiful throughout the whole park, at Studios (my work-home) we don’t have a whole lot of green space.

Expedition Everest has to be one of the best Disney rides ever. We rode it five times, without any wait at all. Seriously, the roller-coaster was longer than the line.

My lovely companions for the day.

We had a fantastic ride on Kilimanjaro Safari.

If I could have a pet at Vista…

So that was my day off yesterday, today I ventured over to Hollywood Studios for the kick-off of Star Wars Weekends.

Whenever I get off work, I usually get changed and head right back to the park to ride Star Tours–usually without wait. With the thousands of crazy fans in the park today, we waited for 50 minutes for it.

So much going on, and so busy throughout the park.

Disney’s a clever bunch of folk.

So that’s what I’ve been up to! I’m having a fantastic time and not taking any of it for granted.

With love,