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After my last post, my mum mentioned that I never actually did write about what I do at Disney for work.

So here it is; I work in attractions, operating the Muppet Vision 3D show.

I think it’s just about the coolest Disney job to work. I get to rotate into different positions, so just when you start to get a little tired of one, you get moved to another. It’s air conditioned and covered, which is nice because I am so unbelievably pale. A lot of the work is solo, but there’s definitely teamwork and interaction too.

There are several positions, and I usually get to work all of them in a single shift.

There’s greeter, who is the person who stands outside of the attraction. In this job you say hello to literally thousands of people as they walk by. In this position you also park strollers and adjust the queue according to how many guests are waiting outside. Mostly you give people directions to where they want to go (usually to the restroom, which is great because I know exactly where it is and it makes me feel helpful).

Then there’s photocell, where you stand behind a podium that has lots of buttons. You’re responsible for making sure that all guests who enter the theatre are counted, letting in wheelchairs and EVC’s through their entrance and cutting off the line when the show reaches capacity (580 people). You keep track of how much time is left before the next show starts and get to push a big, red button when the automatic counter does not count someone.

Preshow is where you direct guests to pick up their 3D glasses, and often have to inform people that the little show they’re watching on televisions here is not in 3D, and that the actual show is in the next room. You pack the room so everyone fits, adjust the glasses, and ask everyone to stay clear of the red line, as the doors will be opening towards them momentarily.

Theatre is a good one. You mostly sit in the back and watch the show, making sure nothing goes wrong while it’s playing. You also thank guests for coming, and let them know where to leave the glasses.

Finally, there’s exit, which is my favourite for some reason. Here you help the theatre person get everyone seated where they should be, pick up all the glasses after each show, stack the glasses and do it all over again. 

I really like all of the work. Of course, sometimes guests are not in a good mood, or you have to run errands, but I love getting to walk around and talk to people.

I will be providing a picture of me in my rather hilarious costume soon, I promise! I also promise that I will have more updates soon. I have lots of great photos and memories to share.

With love,