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Working at Muppets is fantastic, I’m absolutely having a great time and I love my job. I have so much fun every time I go to work.

That being said, like any job, there are some things that get repetitive (I’ve probably seen the 3D show at least 50 times since I’ve started working there), some guests who are not as polite or friendly as you’d hope, and it can also be really, really, really hot.

Still, I never dread going to work, and here are 10 reasons why.

1. Getting guests in at the very last second.

There’s a certain point when you have to stop admitting guests into the show because time is running out before the show starts. When you see you only have three minutes left, you start getting people to move a little faster so you can fit as many people in as you can. We do this because if a guest misses a show by a few seconds, there’s about 18 minutes before the next one. That’s 18 more minutes of standing and waiting while they could get through the show and do something else. That’s why I love getting guests in at the very last minute, giving them as little wait as possible, and they’re always grateful to hear, “30 seconds ‘til show time!”

2. Rizzo in the preshow.

The preshow is where you stand before you actually go into the theatre. Mostly the preshow is just a bunch of random, silly events and characters, something to watch until you get into the show. Guests usually talk through it, but there’s one part that always gets guests to laugh and pay attention. Sam Eagle says he is going to introduce Mickey Mouse, and Rizzo actually comes out. I don’t know what it is about this, but guests laugh every single time.

3. Dancing guests.

The preshow can be quite long depending on when you come in. This means guests are tired, standing around, waiting impatiently. But about halfway through the preshow, something magical happens. Gonzo does a tap dance to an instrumental version of “Tea for Two” and so many women start dancing. Especially little old ladies. It’s outstanding. There’s something about this song that just makes them want to dance. Kids usually join in too, so it’s double-cute.

4. When Statler and Waldorf kick off the show.

Guests are finding their seats, getting settled and chatting while they wait for the show to start in the theatre. Suddenly, Statler and Waldorf start talking from a balcony above the guests. People point and laugh and get excited that the show is going to start. For guests who have never seen it before, it makes them realize that this show isn’t only going to be 3D on a screen, but there are other things to enjoy too.

5. The first 3D effect.

The lights dim and the curtains open and the first 3D effect happens. Guests, adults and kids alike, usually reach for this one and laugh. Always adorable.

6. When thousands of bubbles pour from the ceiling.

Confession; I love bubbles. Really. Who doesn’t? No one, and I can tell you that because I watch people everyday gasp and laugh when thousands of bubbles fill the theatre. Guests take off their glasses to see if they’re real, and kids jump up to pop them. It’s my absolute favourite part of the show.

7. When kids interact with the show.

When a certain little bunny runs away and hides in the balcony, Sweetums comes out to find him. He asks the audience if they’ve seen a bunny, and as the kids (and adults!) spot him, the start pointing and shouting “Over there! Right there!” Makes my day every time.

8. Mickey Mouse’s special appearance.

Some kids who come to see this show aren’t exactly familiar with the Muppets. Despite the recent movie, the Muppets probably aren’t as well known with little ones as they once were. So at the end, when one of the characters turns into Mickey Mouse for a moment, kids get excited and yell, “MICKEY” because everyone knows exactly who that is, so it’s a nice way to end the show for the kids.

9. Returning lost and found items.

I swear, the floor of Muppet Vision 3D has magic vacuum powers. It sucks the phone, camera, wallet, or hat, right from someone’s pocket every show. Despite the fact that we remind guests to make sure they collect all of their belongings before leaving, you can count on at least one thing being left behind. Thankfully, people on vacation tend to be very good at returning items. If a guest notices something on the floor, like an iPhone, they’ll usually bring it to the photocell cast member and moments later, a panicked guest comes by to ask where if it’s been found. Handing over something that someone’s worried about and seeing how relieved they are makes you feel like a hero– a lost and found hero. Tough to beat.

10. Overexcited guests.

Since starting my job, two kids in two separate incidents have hugged me, simply because they were so excited about the show. It’s great when people come up to you at the end to say how much they liked it, or what their favourite parts were. The other day I had a little old man come up and say, “That wasn’t 3D, that was like 5D, you know? I mean, there’s the 3D on the screen, but then there’s characters and bubbles and… it was very good. Very good.”

Those are just some of the good parts. I also look forward to going to work because of my fantastic, friendly coworkers, the air conditioning, the funny guests, and a hundred other reasons that make up for any of the difficult times.

Thanks for reading, I just wanted to give you an idea of what my summer job is like. I hope yours is just as good.

With love,