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I probably answer a hundred questions everyday, but here are a few that just seem to keep popping up.

10. “[Generally asked by a small, adorable child] How do you fix the theatre after the explosion?” (Disney magic.)

9. “Why isn’t Animal in this?” (Er, um, uh, *shrug*)

8. “Is Muppet Vision ever going to be updated?” (It was Henson’s final project before he died, so, probably not.)

7. “Do we need these *pointing to 3D glasses*?” (…Yes.)

6. “[In the preshow, with a disgusted look] Is this it?” (No. You’ll go into the theatre shortly.)

5. Various Spanish words. (Sorry, I’m from Canada. Français, anyone?)

4. “Is this a ride?” (Nope, it’s a hilarious 17 minute 3D show featuring the Muppets.)

3. “So you’re from Canada, eh?” (Followed by roaring laughter at own joke.)

2. “Is it Ky-ra, or Kee-ra?” (It’s Kee-ra, my dad misspelled it at my birth.)

1. “Where is the nearest washroom?” (Right across from our entrance, under the green awning.)

You’re welcome, everyone.

With love,