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In my tips for college program participants, my number one suggestion is to make a bucket list. I made my own before my program started, and I want to help you to make yours too. Here I’ve included a number of things you could try to accomplish during your program. I’d suggest picking the 10-15 that interest you most and focus on checking them off. The point isn’t to complete everything on your list, rather, it is to encourage you to make the most of your time here and be proud of yourself when you finish.

With love,


-Collect a Fast Pass from every ride that offers it

-See every single show at every single park at least once

-Ride something 10 (15, 20, etc.) times in one day

-See Cirque du Soleil, La Nouba

-Get a photo with 25 (or more!) different characters throughout your program

-Collect character signatures

-Check out every single resort once

-Try a Kitchen Sink from Beaches and Cream

-Go on a Hidden Mickey hunt

-Drink around the world at Epcot

-Eat a turkey leg

-Visit both water parks

-Eat at a Character Dining restaurant

-Become a pin trader (as a cast member, or guest!)

-Get photos with Mickey where he’s wearing different costumes

-Visit all four parks in one day

-Buy a Mickey balloon

-Stay at one of the resorts

If you want more, check out this incredible video where a cast member lists 50 suggestions for your list. Very cute, and so full of great ideas.

With love,