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Some people come to Disney to get away from it all. People have stressful lives back home, or are fighting with their parents, or are looking to find love, so they come to this magical place in Florida to resolve all of these issues.

I am not one of these people. I know lots of these people, though, and coming to Orlando for the summer is the perfect idea for them.

I came here because it has always been my dream to work for Disney. I am having the best summer ever, but definitely have a lot to go home to.

My mum, myself, and my boyfriend at my grandparents’ house. So, so, so much love.

When I say, “Yeah, I’m a little homesick,” I actually mean, “I miss my mama. Why do I have to go grocery shopping? How come there’s no one here to tuck me in? Who’s going to take care of me when I get sick?” It’s tough. I have a whole bunch of people back home that I miss more than I can possibly express. That being said, I’m surviving. Here’s how I do it;

1. Blogging. I do my best to keep the people who care about me updated about my life. This way, when I talk to them, we’re all on the same page. Because I don’t get to talk to everyone every single night, blogging lets me update everyone without having to send several emails or try to figure out who I told what to and what they need to know. It’s a great way to share stories and photos with everyone who wants to see them.

2. Make Skype your best friend. Skype might lag sometimes. The audio might not always be clear, or the video is out of sync. But you know what? It’s free. It’s the greatest way to talk to people who are too far away to see in person. I prefer it to calling because on Skype you actually get to see the person you’re talking to. I probably Skype my parents (and my overweight cat) at least twice a week, my best friends every other week, and my boyfriend every day. It’s really wonderful to have people back home who really know who you are and what you’re like, people who can keep you grounded and people you can rant to openly.

3. Fork over the cash for international texting. I paid $15.00 for my temporary cell phone, and pay $50.00 per month for my plan. With it, I get national calling, unlimited data and unlimited international texting to Canada and the U.S. and over 100 other countries I never text. I could slash my phone bill in half if I were willing to give up the international texting, but I definitely wouldn’t. I text four people back home. My mum, my dad, my brother and my boyfriend. That’s it. But it lets me get in touch with them right away, so if I’m feeling homesick or have a funny story, I can share it right away. It makes people who are so far away feel much closer.

4. Don’t ask to be homesick. I don’t have photos of my family all over my room. I asked my parents to save any mail for me for when I see them in person. I don’t let myself sit around and wish I were home. I go out, meet new people, have lots of fun, and remember that this is all happening very quickly and I’ll be home before I know it. Homesickness happens anyway and I deal with it when it does, but I definitely don’t sit around and wait for it—after all, I am living at Disney World.

5. If you can, have them come visit you. I am so lucky that my best friend was able to come visit me, then a week later my boyfriend came to see me, and now I have just a few days before my family comes down. Of course, this can be really hard financially, but if you can, take advantage of your discounts to save some people you love some money, and encourage them to see you while you’re down here.

My girl Meags came for an amazing visit. Like a little piece of home ❤

I have so many people I miss back home. I am incredibly blessed with amazing friends and family, but when I get really sad, I just remember that I get to go home to all of that. I am positive that I will miss Orlando as soon as I move home, so I have to be thankful for now.

Homesickness is tough, but it’s also a really great chance to remember how lucky you are.

Also, remember that your cat is probably completely indifferent to the fact you are gone, so stop pretending that he has any interest in you whatsoever.

With love,