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Well. It’s all over.

Now it’s been over two months since my program ended and I’ve finally stopped crying for long enough to blog again.

Mostly kidding, but it is especially difficult to sit in journalism class knowing that just a couple of months ago I would have been hanging out in the Magic Kingdom just because it was a Monday.

I just wanted to write a quick post about the end of my program and give a final review about my experience.

My last few shifts at Muppets were great, and definitely emotional. It is really difficult to say goodbye to a workplace full of so many wonderful people. My coordinators and managers were fantastic and my fellow cast members absolutely made my summer.

Definitely missing seeing this place everyday.

I ended up at the perfect place for me. I miss stacking glasses, counting guests, my pre-show spiel, and Sweetums. What a wonderful attraction, anyone who ever gets the chance to work there is so lucky.

The end of my program also meant a crazy graduation. It was so hot and so busy, thousands of CP’s and ICP’s saying goodbye. Honestly, it was a lot of waiting in lines (did I mention there were a ton of people there?), but you do get a great certificate and a few very neat little trinkets.

Disney grad (with one of my favourite people)

Saying goodbye to everyone was so tough. At the same time, I was definitely ready to see my family, my friends and my boyfriend. I was ready to sleep in my own bed and having some of the Canadian comforts I missed (you know, people being extremely nice and apologetic all the time).

I truly had the best summer of my life. Before I left, I was really worried that I might work at Disney and somehow not be able to look at it the same way again. Now that my program is over, I have to admit that I won’t ever be able to look at Disney the same way again, but in such an amazing, strictly-positive way.

And no, seeing the Magic Kingdom castle never gets old. Ever.

With love,