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Now that I’ve finished working, living and going to school at Carleton University, I’ve moved back home with my family for a brief two weeks before jetting off to Florida. I’ve wrapped up my four year journalism honours degree with minors in English and French. This year was my probably my toughest, but also my most incredible.

That said, I could not be more excited to be moving on and moving back to Orlando… especially considering the fact that Ontario has had a long, cold, ugly winter that appears to have continued into a good part of spring. I definitely won’t be taking the sunshine for granted anytime soon.

I’ve been rereading my blog and the journal I kept last summer, remembering the good, the bad and the crazy I experienced during my first ICP. It really has me thinking about my expectations now that I’m heading in for my second round. There is no doubt this experience will be totally different, but I’m hoping it will be just as amazing.

Hold me accountable, readers, and help me to keep the following in mind:

1.       Don’t forget the people who made my first ICP incredible

·         If you take a look back at some of my entries from my last program, you may notice a running theme of homesickness. I have a fantastic family, great friends and the best boyfriend a girl could ask for. If it were not for the friends I made (friends from the US, Mexico, Canada, France, China, Australia… the list just goes on) last summer could have been really difficult. Instead, it was just non-stop fun. I loved coming to work every day, seeing my roommate and going out with people.


I can’t imagine having a job as amazing as the one I worked here. Honestly, some of the best people I have ever met worked at this attraction and really made my whole experience that much better.

·         I just want to make sure I keep these people in mind. I am so thankful for them, especially since so many have kept in touch all year long. For the cast members I loved last summer who still work there, I want to make sure I visit, meet up and go out. For the cast members who have moved on to different adventures, I want to keep in touch and reminisce.

2.       Make some new, wonderful Canadian friends

·         I was the only Canadian at my attraction. This meant I was trained alone (I was the first new person in months) and it made it difficult to meet Canadians who worked together or already knew each other. The Canadians I did get to know were some of my best friends on the program, but this summer I hope to meet as many fellow ICP participants from Canada as possible.


How will I survive my program without these ladies? Will be missing so many people all summer long.

·         I mean, we have a pretty cute little accent and can bond over our love for ketchup chips and hockey. Also, Canadians do tend to be painfully nice, which can be very endearing and makes me feel right at home.

3.       Hang out with people from all over the world

·         I had such a good time sharing my culture with the people I met. Honestly, I don’t think I recognized how unique Canadians are until I was surrounded by people from all over the world. Disney World hosts cast members and guests from all over and it was so good to learn from people who come from places I have never been.

4.       Make the most of the summer with my favourite people

·         Last summer I went into the program almost entirely alone. I met a few people at the face-to-face interviews, but otherwise had never met any of the Canadians going to work at Disney. I think the biggest change for me this summer is that my best friend Meagan and my boyfriend Benjamin have also been hired as cast members. Both visited me separately last summer and I got to spend an amazing week with each of them.  Now I get to spend an amazing summer with them.


I still can’t believe all three of us were hired. We’re in for one wild summer.

·         I hope to help them make the most of their summers in every way I can. I missed them both so much last summer, so it will be fantastic to go through this program with them.

5.       Check everything off my bucket list

·         I completed 8 out of 15 items from my bucket list last time around. A few of the things I didn’t get to do have made their way onto this year’s list. Twelve weeks is not a long time to spend at the most magical place on Earth, but I may have better luck my second time around.

·         That being said, if I only complete one item from my bucket list, I really want to VoluntEAR. This was the one thing I was really sorry to miss out on last summer, so I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to complete it this summer. Disney offers some amazing volunteering opportunities for cast members and I want to make sure I experience it this time.

6.       Remember what I learned last time

·         I compiled a list of my regrets from my previous ICP in a recent blog post. I want to move forward with everything I’ve learned and really focus on having an incredible summer.

I also want to take way more pictures and blog as often as possible! The experience promises to be amazing and I want to remember all of it.

With love,


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