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We're here, we made it and we're living together. Watch out, world.

We’re here, we made it and we’re living together. Watch out, world.

I have been living and working at Disney for more than one week now and have yet to even tell you all where I’m working.

I’m sorry. Really. Today is my first actual day off and I am just loving sitting on the couch and giving my feet a rest.

The first two days in Orlando I was filling out paperwork, then the five days following I was working. Now I’m off today and tomorrow… then working seven days before my next days off.

Is working at Disney hectic? Yes. Stressful? Yes. Exhausting? Definitely yes.

But amazing? Absolutely.

I really am happy to be back, even though it’s been just wild so far. Despite working every day, I’ve managed to find time to play in Downtown Disney (twice!), Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. I’ve braved chilly nights in the pools at both Patterson Court and Vista Way. I’m meeting new people, eating American Pop-Tarts (peanut butter and chocolate? Because: why not?) and having early mornings and late nights… in the same day.

Honestly, participating in a Disney College Program is great, but you have to work really hard to make the most of it. It’s all about getting by on a combination of four hours sleep and Diet Coke until you get a day off. A couple of days ago, I was up at 5:00 am, caught a bus at 6:00 for opening training at 7:00, worked 8.5 hours then met the two loves of my life (Meagan my roommate and Ben my boyfriend) at the front of Animal Kingdom to play in the park for hours during a thunderstorm. Meagan and I followed that up with a trip to Walmart before bed. Gotta love it.

Following a full day of work with a safari adventure is always a good choice.

Following a full day of work with a safari adventure is always a good choice.

Still, I’m trying to take care of myself. Taking my vitamins, getting some exercise and staying hydrated. It can be a little tough to balance.

I’ve finished my on the job training and have my assessment on Friday (wish me luck!). So happy to announce that you can find me here:

My new home

Literally. Inside this tree. Because my new work location is the Tree of Life where I work as an attractions hostess at the fabulous, funny and adorable 3D show, It’s Tough to be a Bug!

Yes, I spent my last program at Muppet Vision 3D, so apparently 3D movies are my thing. There is some overlap in positions and procedures at both jobs, but it’s already a totally different experience. I’m looking forward to a summer here.

I’ll work hard to keep you guys updated, but for now I’m off to another Disney theme park.

Hope everyone back home is making the most of their summers too.

With love,


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