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Last summer, I met only a couple of characters. Character photos never really interested me in the past, so this summer I made it a point to seek them out. I had a lot of really fun interactions and I plan on meeting some more characters before this summer is over!

1. Stitch

01My first character photo of the summer was with Stitch in Typhoon Lagoon. He had a short line as my friend Shelley and I were leaving for the day, so we got a quick photo with him.

2. Goofy and 3. Pluto02 02b 02cI happen to just love Goofy this summer, so I go out of my way to meet him lots.

4. Woody and 5. Jesse03b

03aWoody is one of my favourite characters, but Woody on this day in particular I had to get a photo with! So sweet.

6. Tigger04One of the best ways to get character photos? Character dining! Out to a birthday breakfast with Meagan and Shelley at 1900 Park Fare in the Grand Floridian. I loved it!

7. Alice05I adore Alice, so it was lovely to see her on my birthday.

8. Mad Hatter06The Mad Hatter was very funny. After we told him we work at Disney, he spilled our drinks on the table and said, “Go on! You work here! Clean it up!” Sass.

9. Pooh Bear11What a cutie.

10. Mary Poppins07I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go for breakfast on my birthday, but when I saw Mary Poppins would be at 1900 Park Fare, I was sold. After all, she’s practically perfect in every way. She was just lovely and told me to hold out my dress, she said, “We ladies do like to wear or dresses, don’t we?”

11. Marie08A long, hot wait, but worth it for the adorable (if not slightly cross-eyed) kitty.

12. Mickey

0909bBecause you can never have too many photos with the boss.

13. Minnie1014. Daisy1215. Donald1716. Peter and 17. Wendy13Wendy asked if my bag was full of pixie dust, she was very cute.

18. Anastasia, 19. Drizella and 20. Lady Tremaine14a 14bLovely ladies. Anastasia was so funny, she told me not to talk to the gentlemen around their set, as she had already “claimed them all.”

21. Aurora15aOne of my favourite interactions. She was so lovely and sweet.

22. Snow White

16Probably the longest line I’ve waited for a character in, but how can you not get a photo with Snow White?