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Bucket List Item – Get Three Photos With the Boss


I love Mickey. I love him enough to stand in some fairly long lines just to get a hug and a photo. He has countless outfits and wears something different in each park. So on my bucket list for this summer, I decided to go out of my way to meet him at a few different locations.

Met Mickey on my birthday in the Magic Kingdom.

And a while later, Meagan and I met Sorcerer Mickey in Hollywood Studios.

My favourite (though most embarrassing) character interaction ever

My final photo with Mickey was taken right before my last shift at the Tree of Life. It went like this:

In the morning, I went to my Disney-grad solo, since my friends were working. I picked up my hat and certificate and got in line to meet Mickey and Minnie in grad-attire. While standing in the longest character-line I’ve ever stood in, I realized that I hadn’t moved for more than twenty minutes. I decided to cut my losses and leave, heading to work more than two hours early.

I had wanted to get a photo with Animal Kingdom Mickey and Minnie (how cute are those safari outfits?) so when I saw the wait was only 25 minutes, I went for it. I awkwardly stood by myself in between families with young children. When it was my turn, Mickey and Minnie excitedly pointed at my grad hat and applauded me. Mickey pointed to the ground, asking if I worked at Disney, I said yes. Minnie pointed to the tree behind them, asking if I worked in Animal Kingdom. I told them I worked here at the Tree of Life, then said it was my last day and I was on my way to work.

And then I burst into tears.

Honestly, I have no clue where it came from. It was all big hugs and kisses from there, while the next family in line looked on. It was pretty mortifying, but all so wonderful.

Best boss ever? I think so.

With love,