Wish You Were Here

When I found out I got the job at Disney, I knew I wanted to make sure I took pictures and dedicated them to all the people I miss. I’m just getting started and have tons of them planned, so if you don’t see yourself here yet and you’re offended, don’t worry, I probably just haven’t took the picture yet.

With love,


PS. Clearly, I had to alter many of the photos so you can see what was written on them. Depending how far away the picture is taken, the text often doesn’t show up well. And in case you can’t guess, WYWH is “wish you were here.”

W.Y.W.H. Mama. Next time you see her, ask my mum what her favourite Disney attraction is. I guarantee she’ll try to sound cool and play it off like, “Oh yeah, I just love Space Mountain. What a thrill. Or Tower of Terror, that’s a great one. I love rides that make children cry, because I’m tough enough to survive them.” She’s lying. My mum just loves Stitch’s Great Escape. Because it’s a less-than-popular ride, she hates to admit it. Be proud, mama, it’s okay to be who you are. Love you, mum, and we’ll make sure you get to ride this when you visit.

W.Y.W.H. Daddy. There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every day. This attraction is such a classic, my whole family loves it. Twenty minutes in the AC, plus a catchy song?! Yes please. My dad sings this song all the time– except he always gets the words wrong (typical Dave). Cannot wait to see you daddy, and hear you sing this song all wrong. Love you, xo

Wish you were here, JT! When my brother was a kid, he used to wear a pirate hat everywhere. It was ridiculous. I remember he used to make us ride Pirates of the Caribbean as many times as possible when we would visit Disney. His collection of fake guns, swords and other pirate paraphernalia is quite impressive. W.Y.W.H. kiddo.

Shout-out to my brother, who I really, really do wish was here with me. He’s the best. This is a photo in front of Spaceship Earth, his favourite ride. I will never understand why this is his favourite ride, when I ask he always just says, “It’s educational and fun.” Love you so much.

Because no one says “Fish are friends, not food,” quite like my friend Jess. ❤

Polllllllly. Move back to Ottawa, crazy Brit! Obviously I took a picture in front of a cliché phone booth. Wish we could get together and watch some SMTV Live.

This is a picture in front of fake-France, Thomas. Remember real-France? That’s why I took this picture. Memories… 🙂 WYWH.


3 thoughts on “Wish You Were Here”

  1. Kyle Springer said:

    Yay, it is educational and fun.

  2. Barb Springer said:

    Still waiting for my “wish you were here” photo. Love mummy xoxo

  3. Barb Springer said:

    Bad experience on Stitch’s Great Escape. Seat belt wouldn’t lock. Cast member didn’t care. About to freak out in a panic. Fortunately the ride doesn’t go anywhere or do anything but panicking over the seat belt made it a memorable event. Can’t wait to see you Baby Girl.

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